Thursday, February 6, 2014

Red Lipstick for Any Style

No need to be afraid to experiment with red lipstick because you can apply on the lips for any style. Match worn red lipstick for women who want to look classic, glamorous and sexy. But nowadays rarely brave woman in red lipstick on her lips. Most women are 'choosing lipstick' with natural colors such as peach, orange and pink as a complement to the dress. It should be understood that the current red lipstick you can match well with all kinds of styles that are trendy, casual to glamorous. Those who wear red lipstick should not merely wearing a "fashion party" with jewel detail or beads. Floral mini dress and simple skirt would look cute with red lipstick on the lips.

The following are some of the kinds of styles that you can mix with red lipstick:

  1. Vintage flair: If you like stylish vintage style, red lipstick is suitable for use. You can wear a white polka dot dress and black or sapphire blue dress to go to a party. Then combine with red lipstick. Make sure the makeup on the cheeks and natural eyes only. This unique vintage flair that gives the impression of edgy and classic. Surely you will remember the 1940's make up trends.
  2. Mysterious: Mysterious funky is that you can style stretcher for the unique and elegant impression. If you buff busasa Gothic style Gothic Lolita is both cute and sweet, select red lipstick as supporting sets. You can wear a short dress berruffle at the top and bottom with a deep red lip color. You can try Sepetti dark clothing with black, dark brown, violet to maroon.
  3. Glamorous: If you have a collection of fashion bling-bling with decorative sequins, pearls, beads and feathers glistening, just wearing red lipstick on the lips for makeup. Choose a party dress with shades of silver or gold that sets a more luxurious impression.
  4. Feminine: Many women rely more on the selection of lipstick with shades of pink or pastel finery for a chic, feminine and girly. If you want a different look without losing the impression of feminine, slumbering lips with red lipstick raspberry. The warm colors of lipstick adds a girly getting promoted. Just make sure you can adjust the color of the dress worn with lipstick.
  5. Pop style: K-pop style remedy, you can combine a bright red lipstick with a Korean celebrity style dress. You can wear a dress with an A-line shape that is yellow, orange or pink to enhance your appearance.

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