Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eyebrow Shaping Tips the Good Line

Shaping the eyebrows should be done the right way, not just form a clear line alone. Because makeup is right above the eye had an enormous influence on the beauty and overall facial beauty.
In order to form a nice line of brow, first unplug the eyebrow hairs one by one and observe changes as they arise. To be seen clearly, use mirrors that could be held and the lighting is bright enough. After repeal, look at the face of the display rather long distance to see if the shape of the eyebrows has been proportionate and in accordance with the shape of the face.

Revocation tool should be used tweezers. Do not use a razor or razor blade. The use of this tool contains very high risk because the actual part should not be able to participate truncated shaved. Moreover, if we are not good at it.

Try to keep the line coma in a curved line shape is not too swooping eyebrows. This could make the composition of the arch becomes good. consequently not beautiful view is obtained, but it would seem like a comedian or a clown.

If there is an error on the repeal and want to improve it, form a line wearing eyebrow pencil but the color is not the same as the color of eyebrow hairs. Even better if it had a color pencil younger so that it can produce a more natural look and not look stiff.

And remember, do not waste too much and cut or repeal existing eyebrows at the end because they make the size of the eyebrows being short. If it is ours brow line is too long, gently stroke the brow bone and then feel where the bone ends are. Bone ends is what is the best line to be the limit.

Although often see other people's views eyebrows look beautiful, do not mimic the shape of the line that he created. Because we are not the same as the shape of the face of the person. Because it created its own line of eyebrows in accordance with the character of his own face. Not because she was a person to look beautiful eyebrow shape, then we come to make the shape of the brow line.

Shaping the eyebrows also may not have a long distance to the top of the nose. If this happens, the balance of makeup and facial appearance to be imperfect. If necessary, place a thin pencil or ruler at the tip of the nose that is in addition to vertically up to the brow. The meeting point between the ruler and the eyebrows are the most well limit and safely can be trimmed.

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