Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Tips Make Up close, pestilent Vintage Styles Retro Wing Dita Von Tessé

One of the famous celebrities who always accentuate the make up of vintage retro style party is "Dita Von Tesse". This beautiful woman has made as his trademark retro vintage style in dress and dress. Almost all types of clothing owned by showing the impression of chic, glamorous and vintage. While the dress, Dita would rather accentuate the glamorous retro style with white skin and striking red lipstick. When you want to go to a party and attract the attention of the people, it could not hurt to emulate the style of Dita Von Tesse makeup. That way, you can dig deeper into the beauty yourself by trying something new.

Here we would like to make up a party trick from Dita Von Tesse:

  1. Bright red lips: classic makeup is always dominated by a striking red lips. You need not be afraid to experiment with color this challenge. You can buy a matte lipstick with a color that resembles the petals of red roses. Before applying lipstick lips with this, you can apply a lip moisturizer that does not dry the lips. This matte lipstick can last for a long time. But you need lipstick again after tasting the dish at the party so that the lips look fresh and captivating. If you want to look glowing lips, lip gloss to add the finishing touches.
  2. Choose a white powder: Make up vintage-style party is always dominated by the color of the pearl. To show the glamor, you can apply the powder evenly on the nose. Just make sure the powder can also give a pearly luster effect.
  3. Choose black eyeliner: For the eyes, you can dominate with black eyeliner. If you have an on eye wrinkles, cover just by displaying a black shadow effect through the proper application of eyeliner. Besides you look young, party eye makeup look is also more dramatic. For the eyelid and brow bone, you can sweep the white eye shadow.
  4. Have white skin: Elegance vintage makeup indicated with white skin soft and smooth like marble. Leather is also called the alabaster skin that has always been a "hallmark of vintage retro makeup". To get this kind of leather is not hard really. You only need to use sunscreen on a regular basis when outdoors. If necessary wear body armor such as hats, jackets, scarves, and sunglasses so that the skin is not exposed to solar radiation.
  5. Choose red nail polish: Make up your party will be more perfect with nail polish application. Choose the color of nail polish with matching lip color so as to create coordination. Are you interested in retro vintage style dress?

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