Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 Tips on Wearing Red Lipstick

Not a lot of women who dare to pinch their lips with red lipstick. Even many women who avoid it because of the light color lipstick looks menor and excessive fear. But it is better if you prefer a red lipstick when clothing worn too dark as dark brown, black and dark blue that looks cheerful and lively appearance. Those who have any kind of pale skin are advised to choose a red lipstick to look more attractive. "Red Lipstick" is commonly used by Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet moment. Why? The celebrities know full well that the impression is shown by pusalan red lipstick can make them look sexy and glamorous. So you are not wrong in applying red lipstick, we present the following tips for you:

  1. Choose waterproof mascara and have good quality: When you intend to wear red lipstick, make sure you can create a contrast between the eyes with a lip color. Arrange lashes that look thick and tapering. If necessary you can wear false eyelashes when going to a party. Then brush with black mascara evenly. Repeat if necessary. But do not let the mascara clumping as it would look untidy. Clumping mascara is usually influenced by the quality of the mascara itself. Buy mascara with quality above average. If you want a different feel on the lashes, choose a mascara with shades of navy blue or dark brown.
  2. Wear natural makeup: For makeup, you can look with natural makeup. You do not need to pinch its cheeks with blush. Simply apply a tinted moisturizer and translucent powder. If you have no blemishes or acne scars on the face, cover it with using concealer. If you insist on using blush on, choose a natural color that is not flashy, for example, nude and peach. Blush with bright colors will make the face look like a clown. Certainly not unsightly?
  3. Asleep lips correctly: How to wear red lipstick on the lips need to be done right. When the form of matte lipstick, you need to apply moisturizer first so that the lips are not dry and cracked. Asleep lipstick with a brush so neat and not out of the lip line. Do not forget to give a little concealer around the lips as a boundary. Matte lipstick usually last long into the afternoon. But you need to re-applying after snack foods often cause lipstick color fade.

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