Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Select Shirt Color According to Skin Tone

How to choose the dress color matches the color of the skin. Clothes or clothes that look beautiful when worn one, will not necessarily look good too if used by someone else. One reason is because the people of different skin color. Therefore, when choosing clothes do not just simply see the model alone, but must also be adapted to the user and its skin color.

For owners of light brown skin color, choose a suitable dress color is more muted color display. The point is not so bright but also not too glasses. For example, dark blue, purple, magenta, scarlet red, and so on.
Users male sex if you like to wear clothes with colors like this would look more manly and authoritative. Whereas if she was a woman will look more elegant and beautiful. Especially for women, clothing display can be more perfect if you coupled with lace trimmings and accessories.

But for owners tend to darken skin color or dark brown, it is recommended to "choose the color of your dress" dominated by a color contrasting with the aim to create an impression that much brighter. For example, white, light blue, pink or gray and red and other colors that have a bright nature.
They can also combine light and dark colors like white and black, red and black or dark blue in combination with white and so on. Dark colors should be used for parts which are under pants or a skirt that is on top then wear a lighter color type. Do not be reversed because the value of alignment is reduced.

While the owner of a white color and light, more suitable to choose the color of clothes whose color has a gentle nature. For example, pastel, color can create an impression of a more relaxing. While the types of colors that should be avoided are red, orange or arrange, yellow and purple. This color will make the body become less beauty. If wearing a batik shirt, choose a darker color, so that the skin is white it will look brighter and more brilliant.

Last for olive skin color, magenta and pastel colors can be the ultimate choice when it wants to wear a shirt. The combination of the colors yellow and tan body and face make the look more beautiful and radiant. The reason is because choosing the color of this dress can merge with each other. But if you prefer a darker color such as brown, preferably coupled with ornaments such as necklaces or other accessories in the colors as well aligned.

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